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Belgium notifies findings of residues of Fipronil via the European Rapid Alert System (RASSF) in eggs from different sources. The eggs might have been marketed in Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy, Poland and Germany. A recall of concerned batches has been mandated.

Pfeffer auf Rückstände untersuchen

There is almost no more difficult matrix for the analyst than black and white pepper, due to its high content of natural compounds, especially piperin. Setting up a robust analytical method for pepper analysis therefore is one of the hardest exercises in method development.

Food fraud is the intentional breach of the food law of products in which a quality or quantity is declared inferior or different from the real, for profit, so that it infringes on Intellectual Property Rights and may suppose a major food safety problem.

QS Eurolab

The spring 2017 ring test among QS accepted laboratories for pesticide residue analysis in fruit and vegetables was passed with best result by our lab team in Poland. AGROLAB Polska in Deblin is still the only lab in Poland that fulfils the QS criteria for pesticide analysis.

Vanille Blüte

Within a few years the price for vanilla raised from 30 €/kg to nowadays 500 €/kg for this valuable aroma. This triggers the creativity for illegal manipulation.

Aloora V3 – online login results

A Help-Function where you can get a tour through ALOORA is already available in our online customer portal. Furthermore AGROLAB now introduces the FAQ for ALOORA.

Aloora V3 – online login results

In order to simplify the process of an additional order on a sample, AGROLAB has again developed the ALOORA customer platform. The new feature is now available for our customers.