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AGROLAB GROUP Laboratories LUFA-ITL GmbH in Kiel and AGROLAB Polska in Deblin both have participated in the autumn 2017 QS ring test for pesticide residue analysis according to the requirements for QS-accepted laboratories – of course successful.

Demand for free-from foods has increased in Europe. Consumers buy into the concept as part of a broader understanding of what constitutes a “healthy lifestyle”.

The AGROLAB Laboratory in Altavilla Vicentina, which has been part of the AGROLAB GROUP since 2014, has been reorganised in recent years and was adapted to AGROLAB standards. After more than three years the integration into the AGROLAB GROUP has been completed. The affiliation to the AGROLAB GROUP should be demonstrated with its new name AGROLAB Italia.


Rising temperatures, higher concentrations of CO2 in air and an altered distribution of rainfall promote the spread of moulds (especially in maize and cereals) which produce harmful mycotoxins.

The EU Commission Notice on the application of the principle of quantitative ingredients declaration (QUID) has been published in November.

As one of the leading conferences RAFA (Recent Advances In Food Analysis) took place from 7th – 10th of November in Prague (Czech Republic), presenting latest developments in food analysis.

EN: Antioxidants are responsible for balancing the concentration of free radicals. They protect the body from oxidative stress, thus preventing damage to a wide range of cellular structures including lipids, proteins and DNA. The loss of this equilibrium accelerates the formation of free radicals and causes their accumulation, producing premature oxidation and accelerated aging.