AWV-Dr. Busse GmbH - Plauen

Jössnitzer Straße 113

08525 Plauen



Tel. +49 3741 550760

Fax.+49 3741 523550

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Our activities:

  • Analysis of drinking, waste and bathing water
  • Boiler water chemistry, galvanic baths, corrosion protection
  • Landfill seepage water, ground water
  • Non-mineral waste, refuse-derived fuels and secondary raw materials
  • Mineral oil, waste oil
  • Animal fats (flammability, calorific value)


Our service:

Here you can find our order forms as well as all necessary information about our bottle set and the ordering of empties.

For sampling and shipping details please refer to our download section Information Material


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Environment analysis

Water analysis


Our vacancies

You can find our vacancies on the German website