In urgent cases, a phone call is all it takes to obtain an express analysis from our asbestos laboratories. If required, we can provide support with a competent employee according to TRGS 519 No. 2.7. Appendix 3.


Overview of our analyses

Asbestos incl. carcinogenicity index

Asbestos and artificial mineral fibres

Our central environmental laboratory in Bruckberg has its own fibre lab, where analyses are performed on samples of material, raw material, dust, surfaces and ambient air for asbestos and types of asbestos, as well as the bonded form. In samples of material, artificial mineral fibres and the carcinogenicity index can also be determined. Tests are conducted using a high-tech scanning electron microscope. The video print and EDXA spectrum can be delivered along with the results, upon request. With advance warning, express analysis will be performed without a surcharge. Our central environmental laboratory in Deventer uses light microscopes to analyse samples of soil/building materials and sludge for asbestos.


Keeping an eye on time and money

Whether asbestos in the gym or paint residues in the nursery: building pollutants are a risk, in terms of both health and costs. Rapid and reliable results, as guaranteed by the AGROLAB GROUP, are indispensable. For time is money, and at worst the building work will come to a standstill.