Recognised analysis for QS and GMP+

LUFA-ITL, Dr.A.VERWEY and AGROLAB Polska: Recognised analysis for GMP+

Our laboratories LUFA-ITL GmbH, Dr.A.Verwey (NL) and AGROLAB Polska (PL) are certified for analysing animal feed as part of the quality control program GMP+.


GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices. The additional plus symbol stands for the integration of HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points). GMP+ is a comprehensive international certification system. It defines requirements to guarantee feed safety and sustainability and also independent audits by certification bodies.


You can find the certificate for our laboratory Dr.A.Verwey here or in the service section of the accreditation download area. On the basis of the ISO 17025 certification, our laboratories LUFA-ITL GmbH and AGROLAB Polska Analytik are authorised to carry out analyses for GMP+ registered companies. You can find the respective qualification here or, again, in the service area of the general laboratory accreditation.



Recognised analysis method for QS

The LUFA-ITL GmbH (DE), Dr.A.Verwey (NL) and AGROLAB Italia (IT) laboratories are authorised to carry out QS analyses for our customers. QS sees itself as a quality program that endeavours to assure quality from the farmer through to the shop counter. There is a control plan for the feed industry to ensure the quality of the animal feed.


Here, all participants, from the farmer through to the feed manufacturers, are obliged to carry out regular inspections of their products against defined parameters.