Testing of waste oil

The range of services available from AGROLAB's specialist laboratory (AWV-Dr. Busse GmbH) includes the analysis of waste oils as per the Waste Oil Ordinance (AltölV), as well as specific gas-chromatographic methods for determining the origin and composition of unknown waste oils. We can also determine the solvent composition of waste coating materials and solvents.

Heating oil, diesel

We can also test heating oils as per German DIN 51603 and diesel fuels as per DIN EN 590.



The testing of biodiesel (FAME) as per DIN EN 14214, rapeseed oil fuel as per German DIN 51605 , as well as analyses of fatty acid methyl esters and vegetable oils in line with the German Energy Tax Act (EStG), are another special service supplied by AGROLAB's affiliate, AWV-Dr. Busse GmbH.