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Apprenticeship as chemical laboratory worker (m/f) at AGROLAB GROUP

Secondary school leaving certificate, good marks particularly in chemistry, physics, mathematics, as well as interest in science and data processing – excellent foundations for taking up the apprenticed profession of chemical laboratory worker in the AGROLAB GROUP. As an apprentice, you prepare chemical analyses and carry them out. You record test results and evaluate them. Additionally, you are responsible for maintaining the equipment. The regular apprenticeship period is three and a half years. The training is provided within the framework of the dual system, at the vocational college, at our own apprenticeship centre and in the lab.


  • Apprenticeship year: registry, sample preparation
  • Apprenticeship year: focus: inorganic chemistry (sample preparation and measurement)
  • Apprenticeship year: focus: organic chemistry (sample preparation and measurement)


Choose AGROLAB for your career entry: a multiply recognised group, operating internationally, equipped with state-of-the-art apparatus. Apply for an apprenticeship with the European market leader.


If you are interested in an apprenticeship with us, ideally you should register for a one-week internship for school pupils. Simply write an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Chemical laboratory worker (m/f) at the AGROLAB GROUP

With a completed apprenticeship as a CTA or a chemical laboratory worker, all doors are open to you at AGROLAB. Your responsibilities include, for example, sample preparation (drying, grinding and breaking, sieving, weighing out, extracting, solubilising) and the analysis of solid matrices such as soil, contaminated sites, waste, organic fertilisers and plants. Awaiting you at the AGROLAB GROUP are state-of-the-art measuring instruments, a young, dedicated team, as well as a performance-related salary with a success component. Do you enjoy analytics? Then why not apply today?


With a total of 25 locations throughout Europe, we also offer management positions in our labs. As a laboratory manager, you are responsible for the organisational and technical management of the day-to-day laboratory operations, the deployment and management of the employees of the laboratory area, as well as resource planning and responsibility.


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Sales employee (m/f) at the AGROLAB GROUP

Do you possess experience in sales and solid basic knowledge in one of our areas of business (agricultural, environmental, food, water analytics)? Then AGROLAB offers you interesting work. As the central contact person, you are the most important confidant for our customers. Provide customers with expert support and advice, acquire new customers, organise sampling and sample transportation. A tried-and-tested sales organisation forms the basis of your work at the AGROLAB GROUP. With the elevated standard of our services, you can easily rise above the competition. Moreover, a performance-related salary with a success component awaits you. If you enjoy interacting with and convincing customers, apply! Why not do so today?


You can find our vacancies here.

Trainee at AGROLAB

Our traineeships are a special opportunity to enter into management positions within the AGROLAB GROUP. The later field of deployment will become clear during the trainee phase. During the traineeship, you cooperate closely with one of our product managers. This results in intensive contact with the customer service department, the analytical laboratory management and with the external sales team throughout the company, both nationally and internationally.


This programme usually lasts 24 months. As a trainee, you learn to think and act on a cross-departmental basis, so that, in your later career within the company, you see not only your own department but include the effects on other departments in your considerations and actions.


The trainee programme is aimed at training young talent who can be deployed in a versatile manner and recognising special abilities.