Illustration: © IMPRINT Analytics 


Within a few years the price for vanilla raised from 30 €/kg to nowadays 500 €/kg for this valuable aroma. This triggers the creativity for illegal manipulation.


Fraudulent manipulations are on the agenda! Production of vanilla suffered for the last two years from bad weather conditions in the countries of origin and also for other reasons the availability of high quality vanilla on the market ran short. Real vanilla might be replaced by chemically produced vanillin - and the typical black particles can also be faked easily.

Your Plus: We can analytically ensure that your expensive raw material vanilla complies with your purchase specification.

By sophisticated stable isotope methods we can prove not only the correct geographical origin, but also reveal any product manipulation. A differentiation between real Vanilla, synthetic or natural extracts can be performed in a safe and fast way by 2-D isotope fingerprinting provided through our partner IMPRINT Analytics, the European vanilla authenticity experts. It is also a good idea to lay down the “finger-print” in an individual database (we provide this service) in order to make it a part of your binding purchase specification and to perform batch-to-batch checks between the delivered bulk and the product sample you received in advance.