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AGROLAB GROUP is Bavarian winner of the competition for medium-sized enterprises "Grand Prix of the middle class" .

The 4,796 nominated companies of the competition are representing the socially committed growth elite of the German medium-sized enterprises. MORE


IMAGE Successful participation in QS proficiency test (02/2018)
AGROLAB GROUP Laboratories LUFA-ITL GmbH in Kiel and AGROLAB Polska in Deblin both have participated in the autumn 2017 QS ring test for pesticide residue analysis according to the requirements for...
IMAGE Free-from foods gain more and more popularity in EU (02/2018)
Demand for free-from foods has increased in Europe. Consumers buy into the concept as part of a broader understanding of what constitutes a “healthy lifestyle”.
IMAGE R&C Lab becomes AGROLAB Italia. Integration of the laboratory into the AGROLAB GROUP gets the finishing touch (01/2018)
The AGROLAB Laboratory in Altavilla Vicentina, which has been part of the AGROLAB GROUP since 2014, has been reorganised in recent years and was adapted to AGROLAB standards. After more than three...
IMAGE Climate Change leads to an increase of harmful mycotoxins (01/2018)
Rising temperatures, higher concentrations of CO2 in air and an altered distribution of rainfall promote the spread of moulds (especially in maize and cereals) which produce harmful mycotoxins.


The AGROLAB GROUP is a laboratory group that is active all over Europe with about 1400 employees in 20 branch offices. We offer analyses in the fields of agriculture, environment, water and food products. In these fields, we are proud to call ourselves the European market leader in terms of cost-effectiveness. Customers appreciate our reliable and rapid analyses and our excellent service. MORE


AGROLAB GROUP - LaborOur expertsregularly attend relevant exhibitions, congresses, symposia and workshops so that we always remain up to date and track new trends and issues in the analysis. MORE


Working at AGROLAB means: high individual responsibility, strong team spirit, free development. If you are conscientious and have a high sense of responsibility, we would be happy to meet you. We always require scientists, chemical laboratory assistants and marketing staff to strengthen our team. MORE


Sales Manager (The Netherlands)
Opportunity to participate in the fascinating market segment "Food & Feed"