1. Our sales team: there for you

You will always have a dedicated personal advisor to manage all your interests locally. Our sales representative will support you on-site, dealing with all matters related to proposals, sampling, transportation and logistics.  


2. Our in-house team: experienced, scientifically trained

Here you will find a knowledgeable advisor at our central offices who will take responsibility for your samples. He or she will deal with all ongoing orders: validating findings, issuing reminders about routine samples, studying the individual results and arranging for "repeats". This is where you'll notice the main difference from other labs. Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm.  


3. Plus experts: only a call away

AGROLAB GROUP also has a number of its own experts who are responsible, for example, for asbestos and drinking water.


Your benefits in brief:

  • Scheduling and systematic monitoring of routine samples
  • Numerous complimentary services, such as recommendations if limits are exceeded, sampling plans for compost
  • Extensive expertise in the digital transmission of data via IT interfaces