pesticide application

These include the following organic active ingredients: Azadirachtin, Bupirimate, Dithianon, Dodine, Fluometuron, Hexythiazox, Isoxaben, Prosulfuron, Quinmerac, Sintofen, Tau-Fluvalinate, Tebufenozide, and Tembotrione.


Active ingredient Authorisation extended until Source
Azadirachtin 31.01.2027 COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING REGULATION (EU) 2024/1206 of 29 April 2024
Bupirimate 31.01.2027
Dithianon 31.01.2027
Dodine 15.07.2026
Fluometuron 15.07.2026
Hexythiazox 31.01.2027
Isoxaben 31.01.2027
Prosulfuron 15.06.2026
Quinmerac 31.12.2026
Sintofen 15.07.2026
Tau-Fluvalinate 31.01.2027
Tebufenozide 31.01.2027
Tembotrione 31.12.2026


The authorisations for the following active substances have also been extended:

for 1-decanol, 6-benzyladenine and aluminium sulphate until 15.7.2026,

for lime sulphur until 31.1.2027 and

for orange oil, sodium silver thiosulphate and zinc phosphide until 31.12.2026. 


Author: Dr Frank Mörsberger