March 8th, a day to demand gender equality in science.

8th of March is a day of reminding for women's struggle for equal rights, justice and gender equality.

This year we would like to pay tribute to Erika Cremer, a sadly forgotten German scientist. Although she laid the foundations of gas chromatography in 1944, it was not until 1976 that she was recognised as a pioneer of the technique. Today, gas chromatography is one of the most widely used analytical techniques in the agri-food, industrial and environmental sectors, as it allows the separation and quantification of an infinite number of compounds, quickly and with optimal resolution. At AGROLAB GROUP we use it to determine pesticide residues, dioxins and PCBs, hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds, fatty acids and organic acids, among others.

Thanks to scientists like Erika Cremer, who paved the way for our (grand-) mothers, and to the implementation of equal opportunities policies in companies, it has been possible to increase the representation of women in scientific and technological studies and professions.


At AGROLAB we are proud to be a company where the majority of the staff are women. Professional women, indispensable, unstoppable, constant, determined and with great enthusiasm for science. Although there are still challenges to face, today we want to celebrate the successes we have achieved and thank all those who have made them possible.


Authors: Susana Poveda, Dra. Vanessa del Rio, Dra. Isabel Gómez, AGROLAB Iberica