Growing concern about antibiotic resistance 'forces' the extension of the search for pharmacologically active molecules also in eggs.


Increasing consumer and general public awareness raises the degree of attention that food producers pay to the search for contaminants in their raw materials.

Eggs and egg products are part of many recipes and food productions. AGROLAB Italia S.r.l. provides a high standard analytical panel on whole eggs, yolk, albumen, both liquid and powdered.

The quantitatively detectable drug families are:
  • Amphenicol,
  • Quinolonics
  • Quinoxalines
  • Furanic metabolites
  • Diaminopyrimidines
  • Lincosamides
  • Macrolides
  • Sulphonamides


YOUR PLUS: We can also extend the search to Coccidiostatics. Analyses are all performed using the LC-MS/MS technique. Contact your local contact person for more details.


Author: Enrico Goldin