AGROLAB LUFA introduced two more new DNA detection methods for maize and soybean.


Based on the official protocols of the Joint Research Centre for GMOs of the EU, new methods for the qualitative and quantitative detection of the following GMOs have been developed:

Parameter No.



Maize MZIR098 qualitative


Maize MZIR098 quantitative


Soybean DAS-81419-2 qualitative


Soybean DAS-81419-2 quantitative


The methods are accredited. MZIR098 maize carries resistance to the herbicide glufosinate and certain insects. The new DAS-81419-2 soybean variety carries a gene for two Bt toxins and gives the plant resistance to certain harmful butterflies. The EU approvals were granted in August 2021 and are valid for 10 years for use in food, food ingredients and feed, but not for cultivation. 


YOUR PLUS: The AGROLAB Group is continuously expanding its range of specific GMO detections with newly approved varieties in the EU. The new varieties are also reliably included in the GMO screening.




Author: Dr. Frank Mörsberger, Anja Palisch