Regulation (EU) 2017/625 has so far regulated official controls with the aim of ensuring compliance with food and feed legislation and European regulations on animal and plant health.


As part of a revision of the regulation, multi-annual national control plans for official controls (MANCP multi-annual national control plan) are to be introduced. Currently, a control plan exists only for living animals and food of animal origin regarding the monitoring of veterinary drug residues according to EU Directive 96/23.


In addition to a new MANCP for contaminants in food of animal origin (incl. fishery products) for imports from third countries, according to the Commission's proposal there will be a second plan that includes controls of non-animal food and composite products - regardless of the geographical origin. The draft regulation requires member states to submit their national control plans to the Commission in advance and to submit the results of national monitoring to EFSA in the following year.





Author: Dr. Frank Mörsberger