The EU Commission has announced a European ban on titanium dioxide in food. This also applies to imported products. AGROLAB supports you to comply with this new regulation.


TiO2 is a white colour pigment that was approved as food additive E171 mainly to enhance the brilliance of coatings of sweets.
In the meantime, the EU Commission has classified the additive as unsafe and banned it as of Feb. 7, 2022. In August 2022 the transition phase will end. This will also apply for imported products.


AGROLAB Iberica (Tarragona) developed a fast and highly sensitive method for the determination of titanium dioxide in food. The method is independent from the particle size using sensitive ICP-MS (ion-coupled plasma mass spectroscopy). It directly quantifies the titanium cations in the sample. The result can be expressed as TiO2 as other sources for Titanium in food ingredients are negligible.


YOUR PLUS: The analysis can be conveniently ordered through any AGROLAB food laboratory in Europe at no additional cost.




 Author: Dr. Katja Fuchs