Pesticides sprayed

We regularly check our comprehensive pesticide residue packages and adapt them to current requirements.



Our Quechers multi-methods at AGROLAB LUFA GmbH for the analysis of fruit and vegetables have been extended by the following parameters and metabolites for the corresponding sum evaluation.

The measurement is carried out by LC MS/MS with a determination limit of 0.01 mg/kg.


  • 2-benzyl-4-chlorophenol
  • Carboxin sulphoxide
  • Carfentrazone
  • Chlorodimeform
  • Chlorophacinone
  • Clethodim-sulphone
  • Clethodim sulphoxide
  • CTAC (single method)
  • Diphacinone
  • DNOC
  • Mefentrifluconaczole
  • Oxadiargyl
  • Pencycuron-PB-amine
  • Picloram
  • Saflufenacil
  • Saflufenacil M800H11
  • Saflufenacil M800H35
  • Tebupirimfos


Author: Dr. Frank Mörsberger