Gin - alcohol analysis

Ethanol is an important industrial chemical. It can be produced by chemical synthesis or, as it has been for thousands of years, by alcoholic fermentation using special yeasts that grow on carbohydrate-rich media. Dr.A.Verwey is one of the leading laboratories for technical alcohol analysis.


Dr.A.Verwey is one of the leading laboratories for technical alcohol analysis and that is no coincidence. EUROPORT Rotterdam handles many agricultural raw materials that are used for further processing into feed and food and industrial raw and intermediate products.

Among them those are used for the industrial production of ethanol. The Netherlands is also internationally known for its high-proof alcoholic beverages such as aquavit, gin, genever, etc., which are traditionally produced in small and large distilleries in the Netherlands.

Ethanol and high strength alcoholic beverages are tested at Dr. A. Verwey for compliance with specification requirements, e.g. specifically also according to the import requirements for ethanol of various countries, such as Brazil.

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Our comprehensive analytical know-how in the analysis of ethanol thus covers the entire value chain from the agricultural raw product, flavouring herbs and spices to the pure alcohol and spirit specialities produced from it.

Author: Dr. Frank Mörsberger