Our PCR team at AGROLAB LUFA in Kiel has developed two new animal species detections. We can now also detect more exotic poultry: Ostrich (Struthio camelus) and pheasant (Phasianus colchicus).


The new singleplex real-time PCR systems complement the extensive animal species screening program and can be used to check ingredient lists and specifications in food and also pet food. Ostrich meat became popular in Europe during the BSE crisis as a healthy and tasty alternative to beef and was even offered by discounters as an imported product from South Africa. In the meantime, ostriches are also more frequently bred in Europe. However, their high-quality meat is now to be found in the supermarkets and not only on the menus of specialty restaurants.


Pheasant as a wild bird is also becoming increasingly important. This also means that there is a certain risk of incorrect declaration for delicacies with a promised proportion of pheasant meat. Does the "Paté des faisan aux noix" really contain the expensive wild fowl? We can now confirm this for sure. And what masters and mistresses like for the holidays has long been available as exclusive and high-priced cat and dog food. Is there really always pheasant meat in it? We will find out.


Author: Frank Mörsberger