Focus and Focus Money, accompanied by Prof. Dr. Werner Sarges, have selected "Germany's best jobs with a future" for the second time. AGROLAB is again one of the test winners and once again proves the good economic situation of the company and the associated secure and sustainable jobs.


In recent years, the current good economic situation has led to a shortage of specialists and managers on the German market, which every company has probably already felt. In Germany there is even talk of full employment. The prosperity of society is based precisely on this scenario and it is therefore not surprising that many employees focus on job security.


In cooperation between DEUTSCHLAND TEST and FOCUS-MONEY, the question of companies with secure and sustainable jobs in Germany was investigated for the second time. All companies in Germany with at least 400 employees were approached, which corresponded to a total of 10,000 companies. The key figures were turnover, profit and employee development over a retrospective period of 5 years (2012-2016).

  • The number of employees could not have decreased in any year.
  • The annual turnover had to be higher than the corresponding moving average for each year.
  • Earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) always had to be positive

On this basis, 751 companies in 105 industries throughout Germany received awards. AGROLAB is one of these companies which can now bear the title "Germany's best jobs with a future".



For over 30 years now, the AGROLAB GROUP laboratories have been offering reliable and high-quality services in chemical analysis throughout Europe. With around 1,500 employees at 20 locations, AGROLAB is one of the European price-performance market leaders in the fields of agricultural, environmental, water, food and animal feed analysis.


From the beginning, the company has built on the three pillars of division of labour processes, consistent IT support and strict service orientation. The decisive part of the AGROLAB company philosophy and existential success factor is exact, reliable and on time analysis. A motivated workforce is the basis for realising these core competences.


The AGROLAB GROUP's very stable economic environment offers employees a secure job and the opportunity to develop personally and professionally. Throughout the entire laboratory group, flat hierarchies and result-oriented work are applied, which contributes to a high degree of personal responsibility and transparent decisions.