AGROLAB takes responsibility for protecting the environment. In addition to rapid, reliable and dependable analytical methods, AGROLAB also recognises our joint responsibility when it comes to protecting mankind and the environment.


Two AGROLAB sites (R&S in Italy and AGROLAB Iberica in Spain) already have ISO 14001 certification. Since 21 October 2014, this has been extended to include another four sites (LUFA-ITL in Kiel, Institut Koldingen GmbH in Sarstedt, AL-WEST in NL-Deventer and Dr.A.Verwey in NL-Rotterdam).


An important aspect in AGROLAB’s environmental policy is the sparing use of resources. Environmental impact, and the prudent use of raw materials and energy, are factors which are considered as carefully as possible when designing facilities and planning building projects, as well as when purchasing equipment and services. The continuous documentation of environmental data is the foundation for comprehensively saving on resources.


We see environmental protection as a task for which all members of staff are responsible, which is why we promote thorough environmental awareness and appropriate conduct at all levels.


To continuously improve and enhance our environmental management system, we have set ourselves environmental goals.


We wish to offer our customers not only an outstanding and highly professional analytical service, but also the reassurance that our environment is being protected.


You can find the certificat under following links: DE, EN, FR, NL