The release of drug residues and hormone-like substances to rivers has made the public bother within the recent past. Despite of intense research on the ecological consequences of these residues, legal regulations of control mechanisms are still missing. With newly composed analytic packages, the AGROLABGROUP is able to detect more than 100 single substances in surface, ground and potable water down to lowest concentrations.

The steadily increasing consumption of pharmaceuticals in Europe can be mainly ascribed to the senescent population, increased work pressure and the wish of boosting the personal performance. Thereto, antibiotics, cardiovascular agents and antidepressants have been the top rating products in terms of consumption quantity. The over the counter market has been dominated by painkillers in manifold dosage forms. Well-advertised tablets, balms and gels are present in nearly every home medicine chest and are very popular for sportsmen from high-performance to mass sports.

Every drug consumption leads to residues in the water

In most cases only little active ingredient is converted in the body; the remainders are excreted or washed off and, therewith, released to the hydrological cycle. The sheer variety of substances, their discharge path as well as their dilution impede the technical removal of drug residues in waste water. It’s only a matter of time until these substances make their way into the surface and potable water. Some of them are already there.

Powerful, reliable and fast analytical approaches are vital

All experts are concerned about the future increase of drug residues in the water and the unforeseeable consequences. To keep an eye on this development, to counteract as early and sustainable as possible; powerful, reliable and fast analytics are vital.

Your advantage: our expertise in micro pollutants

The AGROLABGROUP has been offering analytics for so-called micro pollutants for years.

Continuous developments of our analytical methods allow highly precise detection of more than 100 pharmaceuticals in minimal concentrations in surface, ground and potable water. Due to highly skilled lab personal as well as sophisticated technical equipment, the AGROLABGROUP offers customer oriented packages for antibiotics, painkillers, beta blockers, hormones and X-ray contrast media besides comprehensive packages. With our offer, you can keep an eye on your waters and can easily start countermeasures as soon as there are smallest signs of contamination.

Our offer for water analytics:

The AGROLABGROUP offers qualified, accredited analytics including sampling at best prices on the European market. Concerning your assignment we fully care for sampling, analytics, as well as a report with interpretation. We are looking forward to send you a tentative offer. Our branch office colleagues are happy to help.