Bottle set

In the first two quarters of the year, AGROLAB will introduce a uniform bottle set throughout Europe, including a transport system.


The new bottle set combines easy handling with optimum cooling in a special box system which was designed explicitly for AGROLAB.

It will be used throughout Europe in all water matrices in the future.


Read more in our report from January 2016.



What innovations have been made?

The bottles have been revised to improve their preservation and the assignment of the parameters to the bottle. In this process, some new documents have been created for your use.


  • New BOTTLE SET LIST with all the information regarding our bottles and the associated parameters
  • Order form for empty bottles
  • Handbook with a detailed set of instructions on how to use the bottles and the box.
  • Certificate for the transport boxes


Please follow the links provided above , in order to access our new documents. You can also download these at any time in the Download area.

Order process for sample material

The process for ordering empty bottles has not changed:


  1. Please download the current order form on our website
  2. Fill in the order form and send it by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. – In cases of doubt, please contact your responsible customer advisor in the laboratory. They will be pleased to assist you with your order.
  3. You will receive the material that you ordered within three to four working days


Market launch of the new bottle set at the AGROLAB Agrar und Umwelt GmbH in Kiel

The changeover to the new system is to take place in Kiel on 5th September  2016. From this point in time onwards, we kindly request that you only use the new order form, because our laboratory will only deliver the new bottle set to you.


Please empty your stock of old water bottles by using them up or disposing of them appropriately. Do NOT send them to the laboratory empty, for the purpose of an exchange.


For non-aqueous samples, please continue to use the intended bottles and the yellow hard plastic-boxes.


If you no longer use the yellow boxes, please return them to the laboratory.


Thank you in advance for your support in using the new system with the new bottle set and boxes.


Should you have any questions, the customer advisors in our laboratory will be pleased to assist you.