AGROLAB ITALIA has completed the development and validation phase for further GMO detections. The range of accredited tests for genetically modified soy and maize products has been expanded.


By means of EXECUTION DECISION (EU) 2021/1386 and 2021/1390 of 17 August 2021, the European Union authorises, placing on the market new products containing, consisting of, or produced from genetically modified soybean DAS-81419-2 and maize MZIR098 (SYN-ØØØ983).


AGROLAB ITALIA has completed the development, validation and accreditation phases of these GMO events, bringing to 53 the number of GMOs that can be tested, covering all approved GMO events in the EU.


The analyses are carried out qualitatively and quantitatively using the Real-Time PCR technique, guaranteeing high performance values and full compliance with the requirements of current regulations.


Contact your local sales representative or the laboratory's technical support for details of analyses and offers related to genetically modified organisms.





Autore: Goldin Enrico