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After a success story lasting for 120 years, larger and more modern premises are required for the specialist laboratory for food and feed analysis. Dr.A.Verwey is moving from Coolhaven to Barendrecht.


Dr.Verwey is close to its customers – and will remain so in the future.

In accordance with the respective contemporary methods of transport, Dr.Verwey’s laboratories were always situated within easy reach: Coolhaven, Vlaardingen, Pernis, Oosterhout. Increasing numbers of samples, what now amounts to more than 100 analytical instruments, and an efficient work-flow all require space. Things had become too cramped at the Coolhaven headquarters. The search for a promising building was successful. With the enthusiasm and considerable experience of the AGROLAB GROUP, a new laboratory will be converted and set up in Barendrecht by the spring of 2022.

The staff team is looking forward to the modernised building, which ensures people-friendly working conditions, also with a high sample throughput. It is naturally the case that the new premises will allow a far more efficient production flow, allowing for even quicker routine analysis. With a redundant equipment park, the laboratory maintains a high capacity for smooth processing and rapid analysis. The location in Barendrecht on the A15 brings together all the previous laboratories under one roof.


Reliable analytics for customers from all over the world

To this day, the accredited laboratory not only tests foodstuffs, but also animal feed and additional bulk goods. The products arrive through the port from all over the world.

Many of the orders also come from feed and food producers which are often located at the world’s largest ports. The customers rely on chemical and microbiological analysis to objectively demonstrate quality or deficiencies in the raw materials and the produced foods. “Our wide range of examinations, from A for amino acids to Z for zearalenone, are quick, accurate and reproducible. That is something we feel proud of,” explains Location Manager, Eric de Jager.

The Dr.Verwey testing institute runs more than 60,000 samples through its testing facilities every year. Despite such a high volume, uncompromising attention is paid to quality. Highly-qualified experts also advise their customers with regards to commercial contracts and EU law. Approximately 70 employees check whether what was advertised was actually delivered, and whether the tested goods meet the requirements. The analysis provides security for traders, processors and end users.


Dr. Verwey

The private-sector testing laboratory in Rotterdam has been known worldwide as “Dr.Verwey” for 120 years. Dr.Verwey is synonymous with the field of food analysis and as being an expert for quality control. Since 2011, Dr.Verwey has been part of the AGROLAB GROUP which is represented throughout Europe. The longstanding laboratory Dr.Verwey took this decision due to the clear advantages of being part of a strong network of contract analysts. The several AGROLAB laboratories are welcome partners, and the sharing of knowledge between experts turns new ideas into real-world solutions.

Some 120 years after its foundation, the laboratory stands for specialist analysis for feed and food, particularly for the processing chains of oil, fat and spices. The tests range from standard quality parameters to unwanted residues. Its good reputation is underpinned by the superior knowledge of its customer advisors and chemists, as well as its reliable and punctual analysis according to the latest research methods with the use of state-of-the-art measuring equipment.