AGROLAB was once again awarded with the "Highest Reputation" seal of approval by Focus and Focus Money among 1,300 companies in Germany, thus underlining its excellent reputation in the analytical sector.


Every day, millions of internet users give their opinions and comments on a wide range of topics on the World Wide Web. Information is circulating faster and can be accessed by everyone at all times.


DEUTSCHLAND TEST made use of this data in cooperation with the Institute for Management and Economic Research (IMWF) and analysed almost 16 million mentions of the 5,000 largest companies in Germany from more than 140 sectors. 


The following topics were decisive for the evaluation of the study: management, sustainability, product and service, performance as an employer and economic efficiency. The "Highest Reputation" award was given to those companies that achieved a total score of 67 points in the overall evaluation of all six indicators. With a proud 88.8 points, AGROLAB can count itself among Germany's companies with the widest reach, reflecting its customer-oriented service and outstanding cost-effectiveness.



The laboratories of the AGROLAB GROUP offer reliable and high-quality services in chemical analysis throughout Europe. In the fields of agricultural, environmental, water, food and feed analysis, AGROLAB, with its approximately 1,700 employees at 25 locations, can count itself among the European price-performance market leaders.


From the very beginning, the three pillars of the company's strategy were division of labour, consistent IT support and strict service orientation. A decisive part of the AGROLAB company philosophy and existential success factor is to provide prompt, reliable and accurate analytical results. The basis for realising these core competences are motivated employees.


The economically very stable environment of the AGROLAB GROUP offers employees a secure job and the opportunity for personal and professional development. Throughout the entire laboratory group, flat hierarchies and result-oriented work are emphasised, which contributes to a high level of personal responsibility and transparent decision-making.