Corona Virus

AGROLAB is currently maintaining production at full capacity. All our laboratories are operational. Our customers can contact our customer service and sales as usual.


The corona crisis presents us with new challenges every day. Nevertheless, AGROLAB can currently maintain production at full capacity.


Most of the AGROLAB laboratories are classified as systemically relevant and continue the analysis even during the curfew in order to serve the public interest and health protection.


Against the background of an infection, it is all the more important to continue to carry out sampling and analysis regularly in order to exclude an additional health risk.


Sampling will continue

Some of our laboratories are officially classified as systemically relevant, and so is the work of our sample takers.

AGROLAB has taken a number of protection measures to reduce the risk of infection both internally and externally. All sampling and pick up services will be done as planned unless cancelled by the customer. The sample taker are equipped with all necessary safety equipment. Samples are taken as usual, unless otherwise agreed with the customer.


We will inform you if we take measures that affect our customers

Our laboratories and employees make their contribution so that the supplies can be maintained in everyday life even during the corona crisis.

We will keep you informed of the status. AGROLAB can currently maintain full production. Our website will be updated if this status changes.