The analysis of animal components is performed with optical microscopy, according to the EU Regulation n.51/2013.

With this new important recognition, AGROLAB Italia has expanded the list of analyzes performed under the QS system.


In order to prevent and control some transmissible spongiform encephalopathies, various prohibitions related to animal nutrition have been defined. The European Regulation n. 999/2001 forbids to feed ruminants with animal proteins. Besides the European Regulation n. 1069/2009 forbids to feed terrestrial animals and farmed fishes of a certain species with processed animal proteins from the same species.


With optical microscopy it is possible to detect animal components derived from terrestrial animal and fishes in feed: muscle fibers, cartilages, bones, hair, blood, feathers and scales.


According to the European Regulation n. 51/2013, in combination with the microscopic method, AGROLAB Italia can perform the analysis with PCR to detect DNA from ruminants and from other species. These methods are recognised as official methods.


What AGROLAB Italia can do to support you?

AGROLAB Italia is accredited according to the Standard ISO 17025 and analyzes are performed by technicians expert in microscopy and molecular techniques. You can contact technical assistance to satisfy all your request.






Author: Anna Pagliani