GMP+ International reports contamination of sunflower oleic acid batches from Eastern Europe with the pesticides Chlorpyrifos and Metalaxyl. Such impurities were found especially in products from Ukraine. According to current knowledge, these are batches from the 2018 harvest.


The maximum residue levels in sunflower oleic acid are given by GMP+ International as 0.025 mg/kg for Chlorpyrifos and 0.045 mg/kg for Metalaxyl. In the first half of 2019, these maximum levels were exceeded in various batches by various manufacturers.


For this reason, you should carefully test sunflower oleic acid (and products derived from it) from Eastern Europe and have it tested for impurities.

Our special feed laboratory AGROLAB LUFA GmbH is the ideal partner for analyses of pesticide residues and will be pleased to support you in the quality control of your incoming goods.   


Our sales representatives are of course available to you at any time and will be happy to prepare an individual offer tailored to your needs.


Autor: Dr. Martin Hanauer