Environmental protection

Following the successful introduction of the environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001, AGROLAB has now successfully attained ISO 50001 certification. AGROLAB thus further optimises both the environmental and energy policies in the company and takes on even greater shared responsibility for people and the environment.


In October 2016, AGROBLAB proved once again with recertification of the environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001:2015 that the environmental protection was systematically improved and the requirements for the standards are met. At the same time, the energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001 was able to be introduced and certified at two AGROLAB sites. The careful use of resources is a key point of the AGROLAB environmental and energy policy. The environmental effects and savings on raw materials and energy are taken into account to the greatest possible extent in the planning of systems and construction projects as well as in the procurement of equipment and services. The continuous collection of environmental and energy consumption data forms the foundation for comprehensive resource savings.


We thus strengthen our customers’ trust in a sustainable company policy of fast, reliable and resilient analytics, at the best possible price - performance ratio.


More on this topic can be found in our News vom 11/2014


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