Gafta has approved LUFA-ITL for the analysis of feed and grain which allows LUFA-ITL to analyze and provide certificates for the grain and feedstuffs which are traded on Gafta contract terms.

Gafta – promoting international trade

Gafta is an international trade association with over 1500 members in round about 90 countries. Its aim is to promote international trade in agricultural commodities, spices and general produce, and to protect its members’ interests worldwide. They do so by providing support through contracts and arbitration, trade assurance, trade policy, professional trainings and networking events.

Gafta approved laboratory

To become a Gafta approved laboratory LUFA-ITL had to sign a declaration of compliance and to provide Gafta with various information about the laboratory itself. In a next step a ring test had to be passed which was organized by Gafta. The aim of this ring test is to assess the ability of the lab to produce accurate and reliable analytical data. As LUFA-ITL has passed this test in March it became an approved analyst. This ability has to be demonstrated continuously by means of two ring tests in March and September every year.

Your benefit: LUFA-ITL is allowed to analyze grain and feestuff which you trade on Gafta contract terms

Being approved by Gafta LUFA-ITL is now allowed to analyze your grain and feedstuff samples which you trade on Gafta contract terms. Passing the ring test shows once more the good analytical work of your lab.


LUFA-ITL has therefore joined the already approved labs Dr. A Verwey and AGROLAB Iberica who both passed the March ring test successfully, too.

Gafta ceritficate: