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In August 2018, GMP+ published the new “GMP+ MI 105 GMO Controlled” standard. This is part of the Feed Responsibility Assurance module and offers businesses in the animal feed chain the opportunity to respond to the growing demand for non-GMO animal feed.

GMP+ worked closely together with VLOG (Verband Lebensmittel ohne Gentechnik [Association for Food without Genetic Engineering]) with regards to GMO-free certification in the field of animal feed to simplify the collaboration of businesses in the animal feed chain. The requirements of the new GMP+ standard were designed in the style of the VLOG’s “Ohne Gentechnik” [GMO-free] production and test standard. For this reason, VLOG recognises the new “GMO Controlled” standard as being equivalent. This agreement has been valid since 1st August 2018.

Your advantage: AGROLAB already meets all the requirements of the VLOG’s “Ohne Gentechnik” production and test standard and, for this reason, is also able to inspect your samples in accordance with the new “GMO Controlled” standard.

Author: Dr. Martin Hanauer