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AGROLAB Italia has a great experience in qualitative and quantitative analysis of GMO events in food and feed with the PCR technique. The list of GMO was extended with Maize DAS-40278-9, Soya CV127, Soya DP-305423, Soya MON87708, Soya MON87769.

What are GMO (Genetically Modified Organism)?

A genetically modified organism is any organism whose genetical material has been modified with genetic engineering techniques.

The most common GMO are varieties of plant species (soya, maize, canola, cotton) that have been genetically modified to induce resistance to herbicedes and insects.

Regulatory aspects

Food and feed with or composed of GMO are subject to European Regulation n.1829/2003 and n.1830/2003, that regulate the authorization, labelling and traceability.

The threshold limit of GMO presence in food and feed above which it is mandatory to report the presence of GMO in label is 0,9%.  

Technical aspects

Agrolab Italia uses PCR technique for qualitative and quantitative analysis of GMO, and we use validated and accredited methods according Standard ISO 17025. After a first step of screening to detect the presence of GMO in samples, we proceed with the identification of specific GMO events and with the quantification.

What AGROLAB Italia can do to support you?

Agrolab Italia is accredited according Standard ISO 17025 for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of a wide range of GMO events in food and feed. You can contact our technical assistance to satisfy all your request.


Author: Dr.ssa Anna Paglian