ALOORA, Notebook, couch

Upload documents and improved rights-management


AGROLAB is delighted to release another new version of ALOORA. Next to a refreshed look, this version hosts many improvements and new features which were added in order to increase user comfort.


Some highlights:


  • The rights management system, exclusively available for ALOORA Superusers, has been developed completely new making it more user-friendly (less clicking) but above all much faster for Superusers responsible for many Subusers and projects.
  • More data can be added to the result-view, for example declaration values and locations.


Please check the version history in the home area of your ALOORA account for all improvements and expansions.


Are you not using ALOORA? Please contact your local Sales manager and/or customer service to get informed about the possibilities. Using ALOORA is free!