The approval period for Chlorpyrifos expires in January 2020 and, according to EFSA (European Food Safety Authority), the statutory criteria for renewal of approval in the EU are not met.


The European Commission mandated EFSA to carry out an early assessment of the effects of Chlorpyrifos on human health as part of the evaluation of a new authorisation.  

EFSA concluded that Chlorpyrifos may have genotoxic and neurological effects. In addition, the evaluation of epidemiological data indicates additional adverse effects in children. It is therefore not possible to establish a safe exposure level or a toxicological reference value for this substance.


Against this background, the discovery of contaminated sunflower oleic acid batches with Chlorpyrifos from Eastern Europe (see news release of 04.08.2019) gains additional importance in the context of quality assurance of the raw materials purchased.


Autor: Dr. Martin Hanauer