The excellent economic situation of the laboratory specialist AGROLAB has led to continuous growth at the Bruckberg site for years. In addition to the expansion of the analytical equipment, the capacity of the employees in the laboratory and the holding (central administration) was also steadily increased. In 2015, with the doubling of the area to around 7,500 m², the site in Bruckberg became one of the largest private-sector environmental laboratories in Germany.


Four years later, the number of employees in the laboratory in Bruckberg rose from around 170 to 250 and in the holding from 45 to 65. The very pleasing growth leads to considerable space problems in both companies despite the generous new building in 2015. Unfortunately, expansion directly at the site is no longer possible, as all resources have been exhausted.


In order for AGROLAB Labor GmbH and AGROLAB GmbH to be able to continue their economic growth, the two companies will be physically separated.


At the end of the year, the central administration with over 60 employees moves to Landshut in the former NEWALU GmbH administration building in Jenaerstraße. This will free up capacities in Bruckberg which can be used by AGROLAB Labor GmbH in the future.


The new premises in Landshut are currently being upgraded to the latest state of the art technology and newly equipped. The move is to take place by the end of the year.

"In addition to general administration, the new location in Landshut offers significant growth opportunities for IT in particular. Employees are offered a modern working environment. With the outsourcing of AGROLAB GmbH to Landshut, we can now offer the laboratory and the holding better working conditions. "says Managing Director Dr. Paul Wimmer.



The AGROLAB GROUP is a laboratory group operating throughout Europe and analyses samples from the fields of agriculture, environment, water, feed and food. In these sectors, the company can count itself among the European price-performance market leaders.


The AGROLAB GROUP currently employs around 1,500 people at 20 branches. The company's success is based on the three pillars of quality orientation, cost awareness and fairness.

As a medium-sized company, AGROLAB offers its employees a very stable economic environment and a secure job with personal and professional development. Throughout the entire laboratory group, flat hierarchies and result-oriented work are applied, which contributes to a high degree of personal responsibility and transparent decisions. In the Landshut area, AGROLAB is an important employer that invests in young people and hires 8 new trainees every year.