Toetsing Wallonië 2019 vrijgegeven


AGROLAB is pleased to release a new version of ALOORA. In this version, the new evaluation for Wallonia has been released, so that we are completely up to date again.

If you have a sample analysed for use in Wallonia, you can find the evaluation module under the heading "EVALUATION" in your ALOORA account. Underneath you select your order and in the next page you can choose from various possibilities, including "Calculation Belgium-Walloon". On the right hand side, the Webservice version also allows you to choose version 1.0.0 to test against the requirements from before 2019.

For all improvements and expansions see the homepage of your ALOORA account.

No ALOORA account yet? Please contact your local sales manager and/or customer service to discuss the possibilities. Use of ALOORA is free at all times!