In 2001, AGROLAB took a bold step by purchasing LUFA-ITL in Kiel, thus sealing the deal on its entry into the food and feed analysis sector. Since then, the laboratory group has been building upon the three pillars of industrial processes, consistent IT support and strict service orientation. AGROLAB has also transferred this success strategy over to LUFA-ITL. The institution under public law was successfully privatised, and its structures and processes adapted to meet AGROLAB standards. Today, 17 years later, LUFA-ITL is one of the market-leading laboratories in its sector, not least because of the constant further development and digitisation of its laboratory processes.


It is for this reason that one of our genuine desires is to outwardly highlight our affiliation to the AGROLAB GROUP.

Thus, following more than 140 years of operation under the name of LUFA-ITL, the company will bear the name AGROLAB LUFA GmbH as of 1 st April 2019.