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The AGROLAB Laboratory in Altavilla Vicentina, which has been part of the AGROLAB GROUP since 2014, has been reorganised in recent years and was adapted to AGROLAB standards. After more than three years the integration into the AGROLAB GROUP has been completed. The affiliation to the AGROLAB GROUP should be demonstrated with its new name AGROLAB Italia.

History of AGROLAB Italia

AGROLAB Italia was founded in 1990 with the name of “R&C Scientifica”, and worked in the cultural assets sector. In subsequent years the company has grown quickly in the two strategic sectors of environmental and food.

In 2014 AGROLAB acquired the laboratory in Altavilla Vicentina in Italy. The purchase represented a strategic investment for AGROLAB enabling it to enter one of the largest markets for analytical services in Europe and therefore an expansion of AGROLAB GROUP’s leading role in Europe.

This went along with a huge reorganisation and modernisation program within the company which focussed in particular on database-supported processing and analysis of the measuring results. Furthermore AGROLAB invested in more laboratory space to ensure an optimal flow of the samples through the laboratory.

After this long process AGROLAB Italia fulfils the AGROLAB standards and is fully integrated in the AGROLAB GROUP. The AGROLAB mission to offer its customer rapid, reliable and robust analytical procedures – with the best possible balance between price and performance combined with an excellent service is now also the philosophy of AGROLAB Italia.

Affiliation to the AGROLAB GROUP is demonstrated

To reflect this pleasing development and demonstrate that R&C Lab and the AGROLAB GROUP is one unit, the name of the laboratory has now been changed to AGROLAB Italia.

AGROLAB Italia is now one of the Italian leaders in the field of chemical, physical and microbiological analysis in the environmental and agro-food sectors

The laboratory covers more than 4.400 square meters and is located in Altavilla Vicentina, in Veneto Region. The company has a branch in Torino and it operates throughout the national territory. Currently, AGROLAB Italia is able to offer a wide range of high value-added services based on cutting-edge technology provided by its own laboratories.


AGROLAB was established in 1986, and was the then pioneer of IT-supported laboratory analysis according to the template of industrial processes. Today, the AGROLAB GROUP is a group of laboratories which is active throughout Europe and based in Bruckberg, Bavaria, Germany. AGROLAB is one of the European leaders in terms of price and performance in the fields of agricultural, environmental, water, food and feed analysis.