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The Italian AGROLAB subsidiary for food analysis, “R&C Lab”, successfully took part in the QS round robin test. The test involved a performance assessment in the domain of residue monitoring. 9 active substances were tested using GC/LC multi methods and the LC single method chlorate / perchlorate.

QS Qualität und Sicherheit GmbH awards certification marks for fresh food products. Requirements in terms of traceability and hygiene are strict in this respect.

For R&C Lab, the QS round robin test also brought confirmation from the BNN (Federal Association for Natural Foods and Products) that their requirements in terms of analytical evaluation competences for pesticide residue for BIO goods were observed within the laboratory.

The test of the Federal Association for Natural Foods and Products is passed if:

  • there are no false results
  • there are no negative values
  • a minimum of 75% of the results were evaluated according to the criteria defined by the BNN

We are pleased that we were also able to prove our capabilities in Italy, meaning we can now perform the appropriate tests in our laboratory in Vicenza.