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Fipronil  - an active substance of the group of phenyl pyrazoles – is a strong contact poison active against ektoparasites like e.g. fleas, lice and mites.

Belgium notifies findings of residues of Fipronil via the European Rapid Alert System (RASSF) in eggs from different sources. The eggs might have been marketed in Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy, Poland and Germany. A recall of concerned batches has been mandated.

The use of Fipronil in/on animals used for food production is forbidden!

Let check your eggs and egg products for absence of Fipronil residues by our AGROLAB GROUP laboratory LUFA-ITL GmbH.

6 eggs well packed are sufficient for analysis. Results are available within approx. 48 hours after arrival in the lab (not guaranteed). It will dependent on the numbers of incoming samples.

We will do our utmost to analyse all incoming samples as fast as possible.