The AGROLAB laboratory LUFA-ITL GmbH in Kiel has successfully completed the procedure for VLOG approval. Therefore, AGROLAB continues to meet the requirements for a laboratory for the "VLOG-geprüft" labeling of your feed in the context of the new "Ohne Gentechnik" production and certification standard V19.01.


Also in future, the AGROLAB GROUP with its laboratory LUFA-ITL  in Kiel will be your ideal partner for GMO analyses according to the VLOG certification scheme.

For the ordering of GMO analyses in accordance with VLOG, please use our pdf VLOG order form (680 KB) , which of course complies with all VLOG requirements for the ordering of GMO analyses.


Further information about our GMO analyses, about VLOG and the "VLOG-geprüft" seal can be found here.


Author: Dr. Martin Hanauer