A market study revealed Magnesium and Vitamins C are the most used food supplements counting for 2/3 of the whole food supplement market.


Also multivitamin preparations are among the regularly bought supplements as the study issued by the working group „food supplements” of the BLL (Bund für Lebensmittelrecht und Lebensmittelkunde eV.) in cooperation with the market survey group “Insight Health” published in a press release. The market for food supplements is strongly fragmented where the top 20 suppliers cover roughly 50% of the market which is estimated to 225 Mio packages reflecting 1,44 billion € in Germany only.


The major distribution channel for food supplements is still the local drug store, followed by food retailers and online-pharmacies. However, the internet market place is strongly growing. This bears new challenges with respect to quality issues. If start-ups want to be successful in this growing segment, they need to think about their quality assurance policy from the very beginning. It begins from sourcing raw materials, choosing reliable manufacturers and ends in a legally correct labelling in order to gain the confidence of potential online-shop buyers.


AGROLABGROUP laboratory LUFA in Kiel (Germany) is not only a world-wide highly acknowledged specialist in vitamin, mineral and trace element analysis with deep expertise in diet products, food supplements and premix examination for decades, but also offers tailored extra services starting with (pre)-labelling checks, setting up risk based routine testing schemes and finally offering a product specific AGROLAB seal, that ensures that your product has been regularly and independently tested.


By these tools it is easy to create sustainable consumer confidence and it allows a clear marketing message, facilitating to differentiate from the “black sheep” in the branch.



Author: Dr. Frank Mörsberger