In 2017 European Custom Authorities detected, confiscated and destroyed food with a market value of 2.3 Mio € due to food fraud.


Statistics published on 27 September 2018 by the European Commission show a number of more than 31 million articles suspected of violating intellectual property rights. In 2017 foodstuffs are at the top of the list of detained articles (24 %) 


Product sector Number of articles, not released, in %, acoording to country of provenance
Foodstuffs, alcoholic and other beverages:
1a Foodstuffs China 79,87% Hong Kong, China 8,19% Syria 7,02%
1b Alcoholic beverages Republic of Moldova 90,40% Ukraine 6,29% Unknown 2%
1c Other beverages United States of America 100% - -
Product sector Number of procedures Number of articles Retail value original goods
Foodstuffs, alcoholic and other beverages      
1a Foodstuffs 75 7519574 2.274.866 €
1b Alcoholic beverages 8 415670 237.654 €
1c Other beverages 6 97171 90.572 €

Tables cited from Taxation and Customs Union: Report on the EU customs enforcement of intellectual property rights: Results at the EU border, 2017 ISBN 978-92-79-93274-8


But also foodstuffs from Turkey were detained with in total 141.187 articles ranking position 3 behind Hong Kong and China.


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More information on food fraud is available on the webpage of DG Health and Food Safety:


Author: Dr. Frank Mörsberger