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After extensive investment in new analytical instruments AGROLAB laboratory Dr. A. Verwey in Rotterdam proudly announced having obtained the “flexible” accreditation for pesticide residue analysis in food and feed matrices using state of the art LC MS/MS-technique.

Together with pesticide residues measured by previously already available GC MSMS-technique we can now provide a most comprehensive spectrum of ca. 600 relevant pesticides depending on matrix.

Dr. A Verwey provides easy access to its new analytical capability. We have defined different packages from which our customers can choose their optimal solution in terms of turn-around time, matrix and scope:

  • Pesticides LC LM/FM Silver: our standard package (the most robust one). It contains the most common pesticides and is available for (nearly) all matrices in the food/feed area, incl. lecithine, molasses and fatty acids. This package should also be chosen, if shortest turnaround times are requested ( 24-48 h).

  • Pesticides LC LM/FM Gold:our extended packages (the all-rounder). This package can be used for the majority of bio-matrices, except for lecithine, molasses, fatty acids..

  • Pesticides LC LM/FM Platinum: our most complete package (the sophisticated one). This package should be chosen if potential sources for contamination need to be reduced to its absolute minimum and when turn-around times are less critical. Same matrix restrictions as for the gold-package apply. Availability of some or more of the additional pesticides can be restricted depending on matrix. 

In all cases these packages can be combined with our GCMSMS-pesticide list, if applicable.

Your Plus: Dr. A. Verwey is a specialized laboratory for edible oils & fats, oilseeds, nuts, herbs & spices and food & feed

With this extension of scope Dr. A. Verwey further extends its prospects asan outstanding, innovative and independent laboratory, based in the middle of the harbour of Rotterdam. We are accredited according ISO/IEC 17025 and have further recognitions like FOSFA, NOFOTA, GAFTA, GMP+, FEDIOL, VERNOF, FAVV and ISO 14001 at our disposal. On this basis we offer a fast and flexible service delivering a broad range of analytics from quality checks over contaminants to special analytics with emphasis on edible oils & fats, oilseeds, nuts, herbs & spices and food & feed.