Today, the AGROLAB GROUP has branch offices all across Europe, offering customers highly dependable, timely analytical results with very good value for money.


  • AGROLAB Labor für landwirtschaftliche Untersuchungen GmbH in 85416 Oberhummel founded by five associates, with Dr Paul Wimmer as chief executive from the outset.


  • Foundation of AGROLAB Boden- und Pflanzenberatungsdienst GmbH, Oberdorla (Thuringia)


  • Appointment of two sales representatives covering northern and western Germany


  • Acquisition of the laboratory for water and pollutant analysis Dr.Blasy-Dr.Busse GmbH in Eching am Ammersee (Bavaria), including the Dr.Blasy-Dr.Busse GmbH laboratory in Chemnitz.
  • Since 1995, the holding company of AGROLAB Gesellschaft für Dienstleistungen in Landwirtschaft und Umwelt GmbH (agricultural and environmental services) has coordinated the individual, independent lab sites, presenting customers with a harmonised AGROLAB image.


  • Establishment of ZfD (Zentrum für Dioxinanalytik GmbH) in Bayreuth; a joint laboratory of AGROLAB, Fresenius and Ökometrik
  • Reorientation of the Dr.Blasy-Dr.Busse lab for service and performance leadership in Bavaria, expansion of AGROLAB LIMS to the environmental sector.


  • Acquisition of the Bodenuntersuchungsinstitut Koldingen GmbH (soil analysis) in Burgwedel near Hanover
  • Complete overhaul of the soil analysis institute in Koldingen with the latest technology and process management systems


  • Acquisition of the Austrian environmental lab, Dr. Axel Begert GmbH
  • Acquisition of the environmental lab, Analytik für Wasserchemie Vogtland GmbH (AWV) in Plauen (Saxony)
  • Incorporation of AllChem GmbH, Magdeburg, into the Koldingen institute
  • Acquisition of LUFA-ITL GmbH in Kiel
  • Expansion of AGROLAB LIMS to the food/feed sector, extension of AGROLAB sales to the whole of Germany


  • Incorporation of the city lab in Kiel into the LUFA-ITL site, Kiel


  • Shareholding in Tauw-Laboratory C.V. (contract and contaminated waste laboratory, Netherlands)
  • Incorporation of the FULA GmbH lab in Emstek into LUFA-ITL GmbH in Kiel


  • Acquisition and change in name of Tauw-Laboratory C.V. to AL-West B.V., introduction of complete process management using AGROLAB LIMS, introduction of computer-assisted communications
  • Foundation of the Agrolab branch office in Dijon, France; sales activities in France, Belgium, Holland and Spain
  • Acquisition of the Stuttgart lab of wave GmbH by AGROLAB Labor GmbH


  • LUFA-ITL GmbH relocated from Gutenbergstraße 75-77 to Dr.-Hell-Str. 6 in the Kiel district of Suchsdorf
  • AGROLAB Labor GmbH and AGROLAB GmbH relocated from Oberhummel to new premises in Bruckberg
  • Institut Koldingen GmbH relocated from Burgwedel to Sarstedt
  • Acquisition of site for AGROLAB Ltd in Turkey by purchasing the Tetralab laboratory in Istanbul
  • Incorporation of the Innolab laboratory, Harburg into AGROLAB Labor GmbH in Bruckberg
  • Cooperation with the Spanish laboratory VIDAL in Tarragona
  • Incorporation of the Orgalab laboratory, Zirndorf into AGROLAB Labor GmbH in Bruckberg


  • Acquisition of the Polish EUROCONTROL lab in Warsaw/Deblin, development of a sales organisation in Poland


  • Acquisition of the Spanish lab group, Laboratorios Vidal
  • Foundation of the AL-North branch office in Tommerup, Denmark


  • Award - AGROLAB receives the Bayern's Best 50 award
  • Incorporation of the GEOCHEM laboratory, Karlsruhe into Agrolab Labor GmbH in Bruckberg
  • Incorporation of the Belgian laboratory, Labo van Vooren, Zelzate, into AL-West in Deventer
  • AGROLAB customer portal (ALOORA) first launched


  • AGROLAB receives the Bayern's Best 50 award for the second time
  • Award MSG Top 100


  • Award - AGROLAB receives the Europe's 500 award
  • Acquisition of the Dr. Verwey lab in Rotterdam
  • Award MSG Top 100


  • AGROLAB receives the Bayern's Best 50 award for the third time and so is no longer eligible for the competition in the future
  • Construction of the Dr. Begert GmbH laboratory, relocation from Bachmanning to Meggenhofen and change in name to AGROLAB Austria GmbH
  • Acquisition of the analytical division of UTC Umweltlabor GmbH, Pischelsdorf in Styria and incorporation into AGROLAB Austria GmbH
  • Construction of new AL-West laboratory in Deventer
  • Reconstruction of "Dr.Blasy-Dr.Busse" lab in Eching
  • Award MSG Top 100


  • Opening of the new laboratory AL-West
  • Award: Finalist - EY Entrepreneur Of the Year: Award of growth, innovation and social engagement
  • Award MSG Top 100


  • Purchase of the R&C Lab in Italy
  • Expansion Bruckberg: Therefore Bruckberg with a production and adminstration area of 7500 m2 becomes Germans largest environmental laboratory
  • Best Business Award: Award for Sustainable Corporate Management
  • Gazelle 2014: AL-North receives award for huge growth
  • Award MSG Top 100: The AGROLAB GROUP is in the TOP 100 for the fifth time


  • Institut Koldingen is now called AGROLAB Agrar und Umwelt
  • EUROCONTROL under new name: AGROLAB Polska
  • New training center for laboratory assistant at LUFA-ITL
  • Completed expansion and relocation to the new premises in Bruckberg
  • Award: AGROLAB receives the Bayern‘s Best 50 award for the 4th time


  • Commissioning AGROLAB Agrar und Umwelt GmbH in Kiel: Separation of the matrices food and environment
  • Expansion Deblin (Poland) and Altavilla Vicentina (Italy)
  • Construction of the new agricultural centre in Leinefelde
  • Award: MSG TOP 100
  • Award: Finalist - EY Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Award: Grand Prix of the middle class


  • Opening of the laboratory "AGROLAB Agrarzentrum GmbH" in Leinefelde. Incorporation of the sites Oberhummel, Oberdorla and Gillersheim into the new laboratory
  • Acquisition of the Austrian environmental laboratory "GfA - Gesellschaft für Analytische Chemie GmbH" and incorporation into AGROLAB Austria GmbH
  • Takeover of the laboratory work of "Watrix"
  • Award: Finalist Entrepreneur of the Year by EY
  • Award: Germany's best jobs with a future (Deutschlands beste Jobs mit Zukunft) - Focus distinguishes AGROLAB


  • Construction of the new laboratory in Burgos (Spain)
  • Award: MSG TOP 100
  • Award: Bayerns Best 50
  • Award: Germany's best jobs with a future (Deutschlands beste Jobs mit Zukunft) - Focus distinguishes AGROLAB
  • Award: Focus - highest reputation


  • Relocation of AGROLAB GmbH (central administration) from Bruckberg to Landshut
  • Relocation of AGROLAB Ibérica S.L.U Burgos to the new state-of-the-art laboratory in the industrial area
  • Expansion of the AGROLAB Labor GmbH at the Bruckberg site with the freed up space
  • Expansion of the laboratory area of AGROLAB Agrar und Umwelt GmbH in Kiel from 2.500m² to 7.500m²


  • Acquisition of the drinking water laboratory PWU Potsdam GmbH in Berlin/Brandenburg
  • Acquisition of the environmental laboratories Ambiente spa in Carrara, Siracusa, and Pisticci


  • Renovating the new building of AGROLAB Dr. Verwey B.V.
  • Extension building of AGROLAB Austria GmbH
  • Acquisition of the new environmental laboratory AGROLAB Medioambiente S.L.U in Tarragona
  • Award: Bavaria's Best 50 - for the 6th time
  • Award: Germany's Best Trainers
  • Award: Digital Champions
  • Award AGROLAB Italia S.r.l a socio unico: Growth Champion 2022
  • Award AGROLAB Italia S.r.l a socio unico: Impresa Best 2021 Vicenza
  • Award: Germany's 100 fastest-growing SMEs - 30th place
  • Award: Excellent service from FAZ


  • Opening of the new laboratory building of AGROLAB Iberica in Burgos
  • Relocation and renaming of the feed and food laboratory Dr.A.Verwey in Rotterdam to AGROLAB Dr.Verwey B.V.
  • Anniversary of AGROLAB LUFA GmbH: AGROLAB LUFA celebrates its 150th anniversary
  • Award: Focus - For outstanding price-performance ratio
  • Award: Capital - Top marks for "outstanding support for trainees" 
  • Award: MSG TOP 100 of German medium-sized companies


  • Start of AGROLAB Alimentalia: Separation of the food and environmental matrices at the Altavilla site in Veneto, Italy.
  • Renaming: AGROLAB Agrar und Umwelt GmbH, Sarstedt is now called AGROLAB Agrar GmbH, Sarstedt
  • Renaming: AGROLAB Agrar und Umwelt GmbH, Kiel is now AGROLAB Umwelt GmbH, Kiel
  • Merger: The Italian laboratory AGROLAB Ambiente S.r.l. a socio unico was merged with AGROLAB Italia S.r.l. a socio unico
  • Acquisition of the water laboratory "OWL Umweltanalytik GmbH" in Leopoldshöhe near Bielfeld
  • Award: MSG TOP 100 of German SMEs


  • Reorganisation of the 3 southern German laboratories: in Bruckberg, Eching am Ammersee and Fellbach. 
    Renaming: Dr.Blasy-Dr.Busse in Eching am Ammersee is now called AGROLAB Wasseranalytik GmbH, Eching a.A.
    Renaming: AGROLAB Labor GmbH, Stuttgart branch is now AGROLAB Wasseranalytik GmbH, Fellbach branch
  • Acquisition of the Austrian laboratory "Institut für Mineralölprodukte und Umweltanalytik GmbH" in Klosterneuburg
  • Relocation of our Polish laboratory AGROLAB Polska from Deblin to the new plant building in Końskowola
  • Award: F.A.Z. Institute - "Modern Employer 2024"