There are also historical reasons to explain such an achievement: we were the first laboratory to take a collaborative approach to our work, i.e. using the example of industrial processes. We remain true to this concept today. In addition, from the outset we placed a lot of importance on IT: today this may be taken for granted, but back in the 80s it was quite a revelation. From its very beginnings, AGROLAB has stood for excellent customer service - before, during and after analysis.


The desire to provide an effective and accurate service defines our work. Only in such a way can we fulfil our mission: AGROLAB offers its customers rapid, reliable and robust analytical procedures - with the best possible balance between price and performance.


Countless customers from a diverse range of industries value our expertise.


Our values - your gain

Our aim to deliver timely and dependable results is unparalleled.

Driven by quality

We are proud of the professional quality of our analytical processes - we strive for continuous improvement.

Cost consciousness

Our modesty means we always keep a watchful eye on costs - another reason why in Europe we are the market leader in delivering value for money.


We work with customers on equal terms: openly, fairly and honestly.


"When AGROLAB was founded in 1986, I had a clear vision: I was missing a sense of service orientation, predominantly at governmental laboratories. I wanted to offer customers a privately run laboratory with highly dependable analytical services that were always on schedule and reasonably priced. My concept was to organise the analytical activities in a similar way to industrial processes, whilst systematically employing IT as a supportive mechanism.


And so, along with my first three employees, I converted a former village school into our first laboratory for agricultural analysis. We were soon expanding, and by 2006 I had moved the company headquarters to Bruckberg. Today, the AGROLAB GROUP has over 2,500 employees at more than 25 affiliates across Europe. The laboratories specialise in different areas, but all work to the same standards by using state-of-the-art analytical technology and sophisticated organisational processes. I take a certain amount of pride in referring to AGROLAB GROUP as the European market leader in the provision of value-for-money services to agricultural, environmental, water, food and feed analysis.


But we won't rest on our laurels - quite the contrary, in fact!"


Dr. Paul Wimmer


AGROLAB facts and figures


  • Five divisions, offering agricultural, environmental, water, food and feed analysis.
  • 2,500 employees as of 2021
  • More than 25 European affiliates, serving the whole of Europe.
  • Founded in 1986, AGROLAB started with just three members of staff.
  • AGROLAB GROUP headquarters: Landshut, Lower Bavaria
  • Paul Wimmer as Managing Director of the AGROLAB GROUP
  • 250,000: the number of results generated every day (individual parameters)
  • Erlenmeyer flask and notebook: our logo


environmental protection - energy policy


AGROLAB feels obligated to protect the environment: In addition to a fast, reliable, and credible analysis at the best possible price-performance ratio, we also offer our customers our commitment for shared responsibility to mankind and the environment. MORE