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Pestizide in Pfeffer


There is almost no more difficult matrix for the analyst than black and white pepper, due to its high content of natural compounds, especially piperin. Setting up a robust analytical method for pepper analysis therefore is one of the hardest exercises in method development.

AGROLABGROUP laboratory LUFA ITL GmbH has succeeded in setting up an innovative, comprehensive and robust method for the investigation of pepper for pesticide residues which is now offered to the spice industry and retailers for raw material and end product control.

The brand-new screening method comprises ca. 550 active substances - setting a new benchmark. The method has been especially developed and validated for black and white pepper. It is actually not applicable to other kinds of spices. For those we already offer a multimethod with a slightly smaller scope. We plan to expand the range for the pesticide analysis for other spices based on the experience we collected during the past year.

The pepper-screening will be transferred to our AGROLABGROUP laboratory Dr. A. Verwey in Rotterdam, who has best relations to the world-wide spice branch.


Link to Excel-Chart