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The three french federations of BtoB companies for fresh fruits and vegetables, ANEEFEL (Shipping-Export), CSIF (Import) and UNCGFL (Wholesale trade) organized a new selection of laboratories in their self-inspection approach FeL PARTENARIAT®.


Laboratories AGROLAB LUFA (Kiel – Germany) and AGROLAB AGROALIMENTAIRE (Chierry – France) are selected anew as partners for testing.


FeL Partenariat® is a french specific collective scheme dedicated to fresh fruits and vegetables quality self-inspection. It is a voluntary approach relying on the determination of managers to apply within their companies procedures validated by the french public authorities in terms of hygiene, food safety and traceability (108 companies to date). This quality scheme, besides compliance with legal obligations, contributes to ensuring efficient produce inspection for the downstream segment of the industry (customers, consumers).


FeL PARTENARIAT® signed an agreement with french public authorities (DGCCRF) and involves, in addition to detailed procedures, global measures for assistance and advises, training, tools and specific media supports, crisis management and communication service and communication programme.


AGROLAB Group helps FeL Partenariat® member companies in this process with wide screening of pesticides residues, contaminants and additives analyzes and enables to be in accordance with specifications for all fruits and vegetables with services and specific advices.


Read more: www.felpartenariat.eu



Author: Serge Campagne