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AGROLAB Italia wants to introduce you to his group of Leaders.


The AGROLAB group is a group of laboratories operating throughout Europe, with approximately 1500 employees in 20 sites. Thanks to the Group's logistics and management infrastructure, we can offer you a multitude of accredited analysis ISO 17025:2005.

AGROLAB Italia is a young and dynamic reality that represents an excellence in the analytical field. The excellent location, in the center of the north-east of Italy, places it in the ideal place to fully embrace the natural philosophy of the AGROLAB group and the new European challenge.

The double soul of the laboratory, which has within it both the strand aimed at environmental analysis (waters, ambient air, stack emissions, soils, wastes, eg), and the food/feed business (food, feed, raw materials, hygiene, eg) make it as a reference point for any analytical need a company may have.

Let us introduce you to the beating heart of the production of AGROLAB Italia: starting from the left:

  • Dr.ssa Catia Franceschetti: Head of CSM and Lab Leader of Environmental Dividing
  • Dr. Enrico Goldin: Head of Food / Feed CSM and CRM
  • Dr.ssa Paola Busato: LIMS Responsible and Lab Leader of Environmental Inorganic
  • Dr. Giulio Lora: Lab leader Food / Feed Chromatography
  • Dr. Guido Aquario: Head of Environmental CRM
  • Dr.ssa Anna Pagliani: Site Manager
  • Ing. Elena Crivellaro: Head of Sample Takers
  • Dr.ssa Teresa Stefanelli: Lab Leader Food/Feed Dividing and Microbiology / Molecular Biology
  • Dr.ssa Michela Pegoraro: Lab Leader Fodd/Feed Inorganic
  • Dr. Mauro Fallica: Lab Leader Environmental Chromatography

We welcome the opportunity to wish you good holidays and to remind you that the laboratory is always operational and ready to receive your samples.


Author: Dr.ssa Anna Pagliani