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The laboratory AGROLAB Polska sp. z o.o. is present on the Polish lab service market from many years and has got significant experience in sampling of water, smears, food and cereal.

The lab employs qualified sample takers, which have both required knowledge and practical experience. The sample takers attend the external trainings regularly, what helps them in systematizing of sampling issues. They are able to evaluate a place, where a sample has to be taken, and then to do sampling in a proper way having in mind credibility of the lab results at the end. The sample takers competences are confirmed by certificates of passed exams:

  • Sampling of drinking water,

  • Sampling of smears,

  • Sampling of fruits and vegetables for analysis of pesticides and nitrates, for commercial quality control, for physic-chemical analysis,

  • Sampling of fresh fruits and vegetables, establishing of quality classes,

  • Sampling of cereal grains, legume seeds and its preserves, oil plants seeds.


Certification sample taker: